Bodybuilding & Strongman/woman

Bodybuilding & Strongman/woman

Bodybuilding Tips and Information

Under no circumstances should you abuse your body with drink or drugs.

Some of you may be well versed in these tips, but for beginners getting onto the road to
develop a bigger more muscular body, here are some valuable tips and advice:

1. Stay away from fast food. Fast food is not geared to help your metabolism, keep your heart healthy, or boost muscle growth.
2. Never drink sugary soft drinks.
3. Spread your routine out through the week, skip every other day to allow your muscles to regenerate and repair themselves.
4. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain constant balanced nutrition.
5. Never ever go without eating in an attempt to shed fat.
6. Try and have all your meals contain fruits/Vegetables, protein, whole grains, and fatty acids.
7. Drink plenty of water! Whatever else you drink, still make sure you drink plenty of fresh water to keep your body hydrated, and also to help flush out toxins.
8. Sleep well! Sleep helps the body dedicate it’s resources to repairing and building, you should aim for a minimum of 7-8 hours a night.
9. Alcohol should always be set to a minimum. No partying every night – you’ll reduce exercise effectiveness and will make it harder to see results.

Information Overload

Many people feel slightly overwhelmed with the amount of information available as to what works best, and therefore they take more time than they should to even get going.
You should remember that half the battle is just getting started, try to avoid getting into too many details that are just going to hold you up from getting to the gym.

The sooner you can get there and start actually pushing the weights, the sooner you will start building muscle and seeing your body transform into your ideal physique.

Experienced Users

DL Fitness is carefully run by a world No 1 in his field of weight lifting. The gym is also attended by several other mainstream competitive “Strongmen”.

The gym provides free weights and dumbbells of a weight to match most requirements. There are also strongman facilities as well.