Gym Rules

Gym Rulesrules_graphic


Definitely no drink or drugs.



You may bring guests to DL Fitness Gym, but a “daily fee” will apply. Your guest may be required to fill in the relevant forms, which includes a brief questionnaire regarding any previous gym experience and general health. Please make sure you comply with these rules at all times. You must wear appropriate clothing and footwear in the gym. You and your guests must NOT: Misuse or abuse gym equipment or any of the facilities supplied by DL Fitness Gym.

Negligent or deliberate damage by any member or guest must be paid for in full. Do not behave in a violent, abusive or obstructive manner or in such a way that offends, distresses or annoys other users of the gym.


At DL Fitness Gym we are all equal, no-one is better than anyone else. We all have our own reasons for wanting to improve our well being. Even seasoned bodybuilders began their career at gym`s like DL Fitness.

For this reason please leave all attitudes and “cocky” dispositions at reception. You may collect them at the end of your workout at no extra charge!

By joining DL Fitness Gym you are able to meet like minded people and share your fitness ideas.
We always reserve the right to refuse admission to guests or members for reasons of health and safety or bad behaviour.